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It’s truly an honor and privilege to know you’re here reading this right now.

That’s because if you’re here right now you’re probably one of the 1% of people in this world who has already chosen a difficult path – starting and running your own business.

For that you have my utmost respect and admiration.  

You’re probably a business owner and entrepreneur, like me, and you’re on the path to creating the vision you have for your business.  Maybe I can help you create your vision, or even help you create a bigger and better vision than what you might have thought possible.

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Percent of Millionaires Who Are Business Owners

Hours Business Owners Work Per Week


Percent of Small Businesses That Survive After 10 Years


Probability That You Can Work Less Hours AND Make More Money

What We Offer

If you’re a business owner you probably have spent the majority of your time building your business.

It’s hard work!

At the same time you were building your business I was engineering scalable, positive ROI systems for my hedge funds.  At the peak of my hedge fund success I went through a divorce.  Every one of my 36 investment and bank accounts were frozen.

Luckily for me, the internet was just starting to catch on.  I applied the same methodology I used to create trading system to lead gen/conversion systems for business owners.  Automated lead gen/conversion systems for small businesses provide much less risk, much higher reward, and much, much higher ROI – if you can scale your operations.

And, I can still use my hedge fund fee model of a flat fee to create and manage the systems for small businesses, plus a performance fee for money I generate with the systems I design and deploy.

It’s a win-win synergy when I can leverage what I do with your business to create scalable, exponential growth.

The first way I help small businesses is through private strategic consulting.   I will listen to you tell me your goals, what’s been holding you back from achieving the goals, and diagose the quickest, simplest, and most lucrative solution for you.

My private consulting fee is $9500 for one day, or $22,500 for one week.

For long-term consulting arrangement my fee will depend on how much money I think I can help you make.

Most business owners who decide to ask to become a client are stuck for one reason – they have relied on agencies to do things like SEO, PPC, web design, marketing, and sales.

This is a HUGE mistake that costs companies literally hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here’s why:

Agencies do not focus on creating scalable, positive ROI systems for your business.  They typically specialize in one compartmentalized area, like SEO or PPC.  And they typically trade time for money – which means they will look to mininize the time they spend working on your business.

If I believe your company is leaving a lot of money on the table, I will personally work with you to design and implement the entire positive ROI lead gen/conversion systems for you.

My fees for doing everything for you are typically a combination of monthly, quarterly, or annual fees + rev share.

However, because of the personal, one-on-one nature of this type of work, I don’t have time to do this for everybody.  I have a very strict, but reasonable, criteria that I apply.

The good news is if I think you’re a good fit and I can help you, I will be happy to create the entire plan for your business for free – on a Skype call or phone call.

No strings attached.  No sales pressure.

I do this because I’d rather demonstrate I can help you first by actually helping you.

Then, after we do a call where we collaborate on a plan to double, triple, or possibly even quadruple your business, you can decide if you’d like me to help you implement the plan we’ve created together.

There are only 3 elements you need to achieve any results.  The trick is you MUST have all three or you’ll never get unstuck from where you’re at now.

The 3 elements are below.  I call it The Success Triad:

And we know the fastest way to accelerate the process is to model somebody who’s already achieved the same results you want to achieve.

There’s only ONE problem with this – and it’s a deal-breaking problem.

You can model somebody else’s strategies and implementation systems.  And you can even model their psychology and mind set.

But there’s ONE thing you can never model – somebody else’s conditioning.

Until I realized this I struggled to make over $60,000 a year.  After I figured this out I created, implemented, and flawlessly executed positive ROI business systems that have made me (and my clients) millions of dollars.

You can condition yourself – but you must know how to do it, and have the discipline to do it daily.

The problem with that approach is you will have people around you who will always pull you back to your old conditioning.  It’s human nature.

The easiest, most fun, and most lucrative way I’ve found to accelerate the entire process is with a high-level peer group.  A peer group gives you the “ahead of the curve” strategies, the mindset, and the implementation systems to almost guarantee you’ll continually make prorgress towards what you want most.

That’s why I create my Destiny Partnership peer group.

The annual fee is $25,000 per year, and it’s by application only.

Currently there are no spots open.

  • Brand Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45%
  • Custom Website Design 95%

About Doug Allen


Graduated With Honors from Carnegie-Mellon University With Degrees In Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Work History

Programmed pattern recognition systems for U.S. Navy’s nuclear fleet (U.S.S. Enterprise), managing partner of 100-year old family manufacturing business, launched hedge fund complex, & private business development consultancy firm.


Private business consultant to multiple billionaires and over 200 millionaire business owners, 5-time best-selling author, professional speaker (Opened Tony Robbins Date With Destiny and featured speaker at Wealth Mastery events), and founder of multiple global philanthopic projects.


Doug lives in San Diego, is happily married and the father of three daughters, Alexis, Summerlee, and Loren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I get most often from people before they decide to ask to become a client.

This is NOT that complicated!

The thing most people have the hardest time getting their head around is why the agencies they’ve hired are not getting them the results I can get for you.

It’s because agencies, or your internal team, has not spent their entire adult life creating positive ROI business systems to put money in their own bank accounts.

I have.

It’s all I do every day, all day long.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I only work with businesses and business owners who are ready to breakout to the next level.  They must be prepared to scale their operations to handle 2x to 4x the lead/conversion flow very quickly.

How do you determine if somebody fits your criteria?

It’s a 3-step process.  First you must decide if you’d like me to help brainstorm a plan with you to double your business.  If you think that would help you then you complete a short questionnaire so I can see if what I can do will really help you.

If I think I can help you I’ll send you a link to my online calendar and you’ll pick a time and day convenient for you to schedule a call with me.

Then we’ll talk on the phone or Skype for about an hour and come up with a plan.  I’ll know in the first 5 to 10 minutes whether you are somebody I can help, and somebody I’d be interested in working with.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Here’s how I determine my fees.  In fact, it’s how I do everything in my consulting business.

It’s called the Principle of Preeminence.  

That means I decide what I believe is in your best and highest interest.  Then I present that plan to you.  I do this so you’re not short-changed and miss out on what might be possible for you.

Then I estimate how much money I can make for you almost immediately, and long-term.

My goal is to charge a fee that you’ll be able to recoup very quickly.  I want your initial investment in ME to be a positive ROI investment for you.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes, but it’s not you’re typical guarantee.

My 100% iron-clad guarantee is that if there is any internal politics at your company, any shenanigans, any “power plays,” any lack of commitment on your part to accomplish the goals you tell me you want to achieve – I will fire you as a client.

That may seem harsh, but it’s based on the Principle of Preeminence.

Holding you to a higher standard is what’s in your best interest.  Enabling you to tolerate internal nonsense in your company is probably something that’s led you to being frustrated and stuck where you’re at.

I promise I will hold you and your business to a higher standard.

And I also promise that I will NOT be more committed to your success than you are.

What type of companies won't you work with?

I refuse to work with anybody who tries to be cheap on their way to success.

That’s because you’re going to be competing with top-level professional companies who are smart enough to invest in their own success.

If you try to compete with these people by being cheap you’re going to get annihilated.  Guaranteed.

Worse, you’re going to be stressed out and miserable while you’re getting annihilated by your competition.

I don’t want that for you.

And I don’t want to be part of a team that gets destroyed by the competition.

I’m only going to work with people and companies who are “in it to win it.”

What software tools or strategies do you use?

Whatever works.

Not trying to be a smartass, but that’s the truth.

If pencil and paper works then that’s what I use.  If we need custom software then I’ll get it made.

Why do I have this attitude?

Again, it’s because of your competition.  I’ve worked with people who spend tons of money on tools and custom software.

Realistically, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table now, and there is probably a lot of “low hanging fruit” opportunities that it won’t require complicated software or strategies to pull of a big win quickly for you.

Will your train me or people on my team?

Yes!  I love teaching people what I do!  It’s why I offered to teach Wealth Mastery for Tony Robbins.  Teaching people what I already know how to do, and helping them get the results THEY want is one of my favorite things in the world!

That said, I have zero patience for people who are a pain in the ass and who aren’t willing to learn.  My time is too valuable to waste on deaf ears.  There are a LOT of people who want to learn what I teach them – and who I can help make a lot of money.

“Doug, you’re a genius.”  – Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins

“Doug, your contribution, genius, and selflessness are legendary.  Thank you for everything.”  – Deb Flores

Deb Flores

Director of Marketing, Robbins Research International

“Doug Allen’s program has heart, warmth and compassion.  it was worth the entire cost of the program.  Totally unbelievable! A mindset adjustment toward financial freedom and a life of abundance. “  – Richard Orwig

Richard Orwig

“Doug, I’m so thankful to have me you and that you shared such a gret thing with us. “  – Janis Leveritt

Janis Leveritt

“Doug, your generosity in sharing so many powerful ideas with us has truly made a difference in our lives.  To your continued success.”  – Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

“Learning from the master has an excellent way of presenting information to make it understandable.  This is invaluable.”  – Robert Kelsey

Robert Kelsey

“Thank you, Doug, now I see how I can move fast, change mindset, and help my entire family.”  – Steve Paddison

Steve Paddison

“Great style and ability to comminucate on a level that didn’t insult my financial intelligence.”  – Greg Batton

Greg Batton

“I have received insight into a strategy that’s simple and works.”  – John McDonald

John McDonald

“Straightforward information.  Easy to follow and easy to implement.”  – Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins

“The concept is very easy to grasp.  Doug speaks outstandingly, you feel so comfortable with him – just like Tony Robbins.”  – Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

“Your success is inspiring and the self-education process is admired. It’s about making a difference.”  – Mark Humphries

Mark Humphries

“Doug, thank you for providing the opportunity for financial freedom.  You’re awesome.”  – Linda Cope

Linda Cope

“I never heard of Allen’s tips or teachings in business school.  He’s truly an innovator in his field.”  – Isadora Cardenas

Isadora Cardenas

“Doug, your heart is as big as your genius.”  – Becky Robbins

Becky Robbins

“Doug, pure gratitude is the word that comes to mind for you.  We respect you immensely.”  – Tina Drainey

Tina Drainey

“Doug, it is my belief that there may be one in ten-thousand people who are enlightened, and even less who share their magic with others.  You are truly a diamond among the common stones.”  – Dan Hassler

Dan Hassler

“Doug, thank you for the opportunity to grow financially.  Your selflessness in sharing your wealth of knowledge has opened new doors for many including me and my family.”  – Julie Miller

Julie Miller

“It was a spefial surprise.  You conveyed honesty, sincerity, knowledge, willingness to share even deep secrets, and a willingness to spend time afterwards. An economically life-changing experience –  Absolutly excellent!” – Jamie Mulholland

Jamie Mulholland

“Doug Allen was the best!  He gave me a quality answer to a need in my life.  More of Doug!” – Jim Bean

Jim Bean

“A great inspiration!  Did not understand the potential of this until now!” – John Mallon

John Mallon

“We are not taught this information in school.” -Peter Ktistakis

Peter Ktistakis

“Doug simplified things for me.  I learned that I can achieve my outcomes by taking the simple road.” -Ana Dovalina

Ana Dovalina

“The information was very helpful, powerful, and straightforward.” -Chris Rossi

Chris Rossi

“Doug, you are a friend and mentor.  Thanks for creating a better quality of life for all you meet .” -Chris Hendrickson

Chris Hendrickson

“Doug Allen… he’s helped to push me to another level in my own mindset, and getting out of my own way. and learning how to scale a business, and learning how to help people in a massive way.” – Matt Trainer

Matt Trainer

“Doug, we cannot possibly place a dollar amount on what your education, mentoring and contribution means to us.” – Shari Wilson

Shari Wilson

Robbins Research International

“The gratitude I have for the abundance you create in my life cannot be expressed in words.” – Josh Jenkins-Robbins

Josh Jenkins-Robbins

“Doug, your gifts are contributing to many people and we honor and bless you.  God bless. ” – Ralph Flores

Ralph Flores

“Doug, thank you for all you do.  Your mentoring and teaching is priceless. ” – Connie Wilkens

Connie Wilkens

“Doug, I would personally like to thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Thanks to you, I am now realizing money is just a tool to help  provide for the future of one’s family and to help those in need.   Thank you for taking the time to help me break through that barrier.   Give with Passion!” – Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

“Learned it’s often wonderful not to have an education.  You haven’t learned you can’t do something; thus you search and discover you can indeed do something.  Inspired me to take action and master the technique.  I appreciate your honesty and approachability (not pompous)!” – Lisa Lea

Lisa Lea

“Doug, your knowledge and enthusiam is outstanding.” – Owen Byrnes

Own Byrnes

“I learned a different and better strategy.  Something more under my control and less confusing.” – Rich Esposito

Rich Esposito

“Alterntive ways of making money presented clearly and concisely.” – Eva Devareaux

Eva Devareaux

“Doug’s strategy is so simple that anyone can use it.  Loved his compassion.” – Tiffany Burchfield

Tiffany Burchfield

“There can be no great success without great commitment.  Thanks for being such an amazing mentor.” – Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

“All of the things that I’ve seen that Doug’s done are amazing, incredible stuff.   He’s got a heart of gold – the biggest giving heart I’ve even seen.” – Peter Dudek

Peter Dudek

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